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Enforce the minimum age for marriage, activist demands The central government must enforce the minimum age for marriage, as many children in Indonesia continue to leave school at an early age to get married, an activist has said.
According to the Marriage Law, the minimum age for a girl to get married is 16-years-old. Boys are legally allowed to get married when they turn 19-years-old. However, Women’s Health Foundation chairman Zumrotin K. Susilo claims that many children marry earlier.

“The government launched a 12-year compulsory education program [in 2014], but if children are allowed to get married at 16-years-old, they will leave secondary school,” she said on the sidelines of a book launch event for a book titled 'Child Marriage in Bondowoso, East Java' on Monday in Jakarta.
Bondowoso municipality data shows that the number of child marriages in the region reached 2,250 in 2015. The figure decreased from the 2,423 child marriages registered in 2014, explained Amin Said Husni, the Bondowoso regent, adding that he believed this was due to a massive local administration campaign against under-age marriage.
“It is always the girls who marry before they reach 18-years old because they have been proposed to. In our society it is considered taboo to reject a marriage proposal,” said Achmat Prayitno, head of the Bondowoso Women’s Empowerment and Family Planning Agency.
Girls who decide to get married before finishing school were allowed to continue their education by enrolling in an out-of-school program, he added, explaining that ‘Kejar Paket A’ allows students to obtain an elementary school certificate and ‘Kejar Paket B’ is for secondary school.***
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Editing: T. Bintang
source: Thejakartapost