1,929 new taxpayers join tax amnesty, increase Indonesia's tax base

BINTANGNEWS.com – The government has reiterated that its flagship program, tax amnesty, is not merely to bring undeclared assets back to Indonesia, but also to increase the country's tax base.
Out of a total 1,929 new tax payers, 1,591 tax payers have tax identification numbers (NPWP) after the implementation of the tax amnesty law since July 1.
The Finance Ministry's Directorate General of Taxation, Ken Dwijugiasteadi, said there were 1,929 new tax payers registered since Jan. 1 participating in the amnesty program, contributing Rp 6.86 trillion (US$522 million) of declared assets and Rp 123.24 billion in redemption.
"Tax amnesty does not only focus on redemption, but on repatriation and declaration, and tax amnesty also aims to obtain a new tax base with about 1,900 new taxpayers registered after tax amnesty," Ken said in Jakarta on Tuesday.
He said as of Sept. 5, a total of Rp 223.89 trillion in assets have been declared with redemption at Rp 4.78 trillion. Of total declared assets, Rp 175.21 trillion came from domestic declaration while Rp 35.60 trillion came from overseas. Meanwhile, repatriated assets were recorded at Rp 13.08 trillion.***
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