Ahok points finger at Fauzi Bowo on reclamation

BINTANGNEWS.com – Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama urged law enforcement agencies to investigate reclamation permits issued by former governor Fauzi Bowo that did not require additional contribution from developers.
“How could the reclamation permit granted by Fauzi Bowo not require additional contribution? I hope law enforcers can investigate this matter,” Ahok said at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Monday, during a hearing against corruption suspect Mohammad Sanusi.
Ahok claimed the additional contribution “were expected by the law,” citing Presidential Decree No. 52/1995 and Jakarta Bylaw No. 8/1995 both on reclamation of the Jakarta Bay.
In both regulations analyzed by The Jakarta Post, the words “additional contribution” are not found. Both only have stipulations that Jakarta’s governor has the authority to decide on the details of “partnership” with third parties (Article 8 of the decree and Article 29 of the bylaw).
Ahok said he did not dare to follow Fauzi’s example to not request additional contribution from developers because it could be troublesome in the future. Ahok said he could be deemed to be involved in corruption if someday law enforcers find that state losses resulted from the reclamation projects. 
Ahok claimed the 1995 decree stipulated that developers must give contribution to the administration for the development and improvement of North Jakarta land. Such additional contributions included the sheet piling installation in Pasar Ikan, improvement of Kota Tua, and pump installation in North Jakarta to mitigate flooding.
In 1997, he also claimed, set a legal precedent, which backed the administration’s request for additional contributions from PT Manggala Krida Yudha, who has the right to develop the L and M islets.***
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source: Thejakartapost

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