EU, Zio-American empire colony: Analyst – Press TV has conducted an interview with Anthony Hall, professor of globalization at Lethbridge University, about the leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN) pledging to hold a referendum on whether Paris stays in or leaves the European Union if she wins the 2017 presidential election.
Here is a rough transcription of the interview:
 Press TV: I am wondering, would a Frexit be good for France?
Hall: Well it is part of a process of re-thinking Europe. The European Union has been a kind of colony of the Zio-American Empire and the influx of migration pretty much funded and overseen by George Soros is having huge disruptive effects especially in Germany.
Marine Le Pen of course comes from a well-established political family and she is surging forward, her political capital is rising greatly. There is a rejection of the European Union not only the kind of policies surrounding this migration crisis but also the austerity measures and the fact that it is a Rothschild central banking scheme ultimately.
Indigenous peoples in Europe, peoples who have experience of national sovereignty, they want to remake Europe, it seems to me, there is a popular movement to remake Europe with more respect for the self-determination of indigenous peoples including in France and of course you need a certain multicultural transformation of European policies to some extent but in cannot be rushed and it cannot be forced and it cannot be a subject of coercion like it seems to be now.
Press TV: So you talked about a possible remaking of Europe, so I am wondering is this remaking of Europe an intolerant Europe which does not stand for its minorities?
Hall: Of course not but there needs to be some balance, some regulation of the migration of other peoples into Europe and there needs to be a respect for the self-determination of, could I say, the indigenous peoples in Europe.
Of course the heart of the matter really comes down to Germany and there is speaking of a Grexit move by Germany to leave the European Union. Of course Germany bears the great financial weight, it is the commercial engine of Europe and of course that seems to be the heart of the matter.
There are movements in Holland, there are movements throughout Europe and  I think we need to respect that there is a necessary debate within Europe to realign and there is a movement to say why go so strongly in this transatlanticism? Germany is occupied. Germany does not have its own real constitution. What about a move of Germany more towards the Eurasian side, its Russian neighbors for instance?
There is a need for Europeans to deal with  their own interest and not be governed by this Zio-American Empire that does not necessarily have the interest of European people in the forefront and these austerity measures are not helping of course.

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Editing: T. Bintang

source: Presstv

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