I'm only interested in men: Jessica

BINTANGNEWS.com – Murder defendant Jessica Kumala Wongso has stressed that she was only interested in men and strongly denied claims that she was sexually attracted to women.
"A lot of the expert's statements are untrue and I want to say it firmly that I'm only interested in men; in the past, now and in the future,” Jessica told judges during a hearing at the Central Jakarta District Court on Thursday.
“I didn’t know that the questions during the police's interrogation were intended to trap me. I will say it again, I'm not interested in women,” he added.
Earlier during the trial, Judge Kisworo revealed that University of Indonesia professor of psychology Dr. Sarlito Wirawan Sarwono had written in the police interrogation report that there were indications Jessica was a homosexual. Judge Binsar Gultom also asked Sarlito about the conversation between Jessica and Wayan Mirna Salihin, in which Jessica asked for a kiss from Mirna.
Sarlito, who appeared as a witness on Thursday, said that Jessica’s potential homosexuality was the team’s presumption, but needed further verification. “The presumption came from the results of Jessica’s test, which was conducted by psychologist Rinny Wowor. However, the presumption is not certain,” Sarlito told the judges.
Sarlito said the psychologist team had not conducted an in-depth investigation of Jessica’s sexual orientation.
Meanwhile, Jessica’s lawyer Sordame Purba said that the conversation in which Jessica asked for kiss from Mirna could not be found in the police report. The defense team asked prosecutors to present the transcript of the conversation, a request that was refused by prosecutors.***
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