Jessica's expert challenged to analyze CCTV material – The prosecution’s digital forensic expert Mohammad Nuh, who testified again on Thursday in the murder trial of Jessica Kumala Wongso, challenged defense expert Rismon Sianipar to analyze original CCTV footage following Rismon’s accusation that he had manipulated the video.
The challenge was in line with Judge Kisworo’s suggestion. “I agree with the judges’ suggestion because this is a scientific matter,” Nuh said at the trial on Thursday.
Rismon previously stated that Nuh had tampered with the video, especially the part that showed Jessica scratching her leg. Jessica’s index finger looked abnormally long, like a ghost, he said. All Jessica’s fingers also looked to have the same length.
Nuh said the comparison of video should be carried out “apple to apple” which means the source, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and tools to analyze the video should be the same.
“In this case, Rismon performed the analysis based on private television station recordings. The recordings must have been distorted, which made his analysis results invalid,” he added.
“We’re talking about material evidence. If he said that Jessica’s finger looked like a ghost, we can prove who is lying here. If he used a different SOP and source, the result must be different. The software should also be standardized because there is a lot of rubbish software in digital forensics,” Nuh said.
However, Jessica’s camp rejected Nuh's challenge. Jessica’s lawyer Otto Hasibuan said the footage analysis would take a long time. Kisworo refused Otto’s request because statements by experts should not be confronted.***
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