Most US voters ‘disgusted’ by presidential campaign: Poll – The majority of American voters are “frustrated” and “disgusted” with the campaign of US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.  
The Pew Research Center survey shows that 57 percent of US voters are frustrated, 55 percent are disgusted and 43 percent are scared about this year’s presidential campaign.
Only 10 percent of registered voters say they are excited while 15 percent say they are optimistic and 31 percent say they are interested about the candidates.
"Majorities of Americans describe themselves as 'frustrated' and 'disgusted' with the campaign, while few declare themselves 'interested', 'optimistic' or 'excited'. And these negative takes have only become more widespread over the course of the summer," Pew said in its report on the survey.
Trump and Clinton supporters express similar levels of frustration and differ little in their feelings of disgust or fear, the poll found.
The main concern that Trump supporters have is about his character and personality while Clinton’s supporters are mostly worried about her honesty and her association with Wall Street or actions associated with her time as secretary of state.
The new survey also finds that, no matter who wins the US presidential election in November, a majority of voters would be either “disappointed” or “angry.”
Pew's findings are hardly the first to show that voters are largely disappointed with both candidates. The race between Trump and Clinton represents a battle between two of the least liked major party candidates in history.
A Washington Post/ABC News poll last month found Clinton and Trump to be the two most unpopular presidential candidates in decades.***
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source: Presstv

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