Pakistan ‘briefs UN Security Council president on India tensions’ – Pakistan says it has briefed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council of the escalating tensions with India in an attempt to avert a potential “crisis.”
Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said on Thursday that she had met with Gerard van Bohemen, who is New Zealand’s UN ambassador and the president of the UN’s 15-member Security Council for September, briefing him of the tensions with India.
“I brought to his attention the dangerous situation that is building up in our region as a result of Indian provocation,” Lodhi said, adding, “Our call to the international community is avert a crisis before there is one.”
‘Watch this space! Danger up ahead!’
Tensions have been growing between Pakistan and India ever since New Delhi said it had conducted “surgical strikes” against what it said were militant positions across the de facto borderline dividing the disputed region of Kashmir on Wednesday night.
Pakistan said so “surgical” strikes had been conducted, however, and that it had only received cross-border fire that killed two of its soldiers.
“Pakistan is showing maximum restraint but there are limits to our restraint if India continues with provocations,” Lodhi said, stressing, “Right now, our effort is just to tell everyone ‘this is what’s happened so far, watch this space because it’s a very dangerous space.’”
Elsewhere in her remarks Lodhi said that she will discuss the ongoing tensions with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday, too.

Another source of tension between India and Pakistan was a September 18 attack on an army base in Kashmir, which left 17 Indian soldiers dead. New Delhi accused Pakistani-based militants of being behind the attack. Islamabad has vehemently denied the accusations.
The two countries have fought four wars, three of which were over Kashmir. Recent tensions risk sparking another military conflict.***
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Editing: T. Bintang

source: Presstv

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