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SBY, Gusmão urge young diplomats to step up to the plate

Share This – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on the young generation of Indonesian diplomats to learn about the importance of preventive diplomacy, so that when things get rough, they can contribute to deescalate conflicts with other countries.
"Everyone should understand and practice the art of diplomacy, with a purpose of achieving peace in the world, so we can build a better place for our future generation," the sixth president of Indonesia said Saturday at the closing session of the 2016 Conference on Indonesian Foreign Policy.
While Indonesian foreign policy should consistently aim to secure national interests to improve public welfare, diplomats should maintain all possible good relations with other nations, as the founding fathers had mandated the country contribute to guarding peace and stability of the world order, Yudhoyono said.
Meanwhile, former Timor Leste President Xanana Gusmão, who joined Yudhoyono in the session, said youths were key to promoting a more peaceful world order with greater tolerance for diversity, as long as they were willing to realize their potential.
"The world needs all the young diplomats, who bring new spirit and vision. I see youth-to-youth diplomacy playing a great role in making the world better," Gusmão said.
He added he wished Indonesian youths would strengthen ties with Timorese youngsters to develop bilateral relations between the neighboring countries for the future.***

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