VIDEO: Trump, Clinton clash in first presidential debate in New York – US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton have clashed during their first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hampstead, New York.
Trump and Clinton began their first face-off Monday in what many pundits presumed would be the most-watched debate in history ahead of the November 8 election.
The two clashed over plans for growing US economy, with Clinton accusing Trump of pushing economic policy that favored the rich at the expense of the middle class.
"The kind of plan that Donald has put forth would be trickle-down economics all over again. And in fact it would be the most extreme version, the biggest tax cuts for the top percents of the people in this country that we've ever had. I call it Trumped-up trickle-down, because that's exactly what it would be. That's not how we grow the economy," she said.

Trump criticized Clinton for her trade policies, saying she has had decades without making lives better for Americans.
"We have to renegotiate our trade deals and we have to stop these countries from stealing our companies and our jobs," he said.
Trump said Clinton's economic plan is "all talk, no action, sounds good, never going to work."
Trump slams Hillary on NAFTA and TPP.

Trump slammed Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, for approving the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
“Your husband signed NAFTA, one of the worst things that ever happened in the manufacturing industry," Trump said. "You go to New England or Ohio or anywhere, you see devastation because of NAFTA.”

His aggressive approach put Clinton on the defensive, and he went on to accuse her of supporting President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), a controversial trade agreement between several Pacific Rim countries that Clinton now opposes after having initially hailed it.
“You were totally in favor of it, then you heard how much I was against it and you said you couldn’t win,” Trump said.

“That’s just not accurate,” Clinton responded. “I was against it once it was finally negotiated and the terms were laid out.”
He shot back: “You called it the gold standard of trade deals. You said it’s the finest deal you’ve ever seen, and then you heard what I said about it and all of a sudden you were against it.”
“Well, Donald, you live in your own reality, but it is not the facts,” she retorted.***

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Editing: T. Bintang
source: Presstv

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