W. Java swimmer breaks record in first PON gold

BINTANGNEWS.com – Raina Saumi Grahana Ramdhani, a swimmer from West Java, won the first gold medal of the 2016 National Games (PON) in the women’s 400-meter freestyle race at the University of Indonesia’s (UI) swimming hall on Wednesday. She also managed to break her own national record for the women’s 400m freestyle she set during the 2012 PON.
Raina finished with a time of 4 minutes 21.23 seconds. She got the upper hand over her closest competitor, Ressa Kania Dewi of East Java, in the last 50 meters. Ressa won a silver medal clocking in at 4 minutes 21.32 seconds. Azzahra Permatahani from Riau ranked third with 4 minutes 26.28 seconds.
With her victory, Raina also improved on the PON record of 4 minutes 22.62 seconds she set at the 2012 PON in Riau.
With a gold medal placed around her neck, Raina could not hide her happiness. She kept smiling, saying she was very happy. “I’m glad I could win a gold medal for West Java. It was a very tough competition but finally, I passed through it all,” said Raina.
Also on Wednesday, the West Java delegation increased its collection of gold medals after its swimmer, A. Fadhlan Prawira, ranked first in the men’s 400m freestyle, finishing with a time of 4 minutes 01:57 seconds. Ricky Anggawijaya won a silver medal with 4 minutes 03.98 seconds. Meanwhile, Putra M. Randa from DKI Jakarta ranked third with 4 minutes 5.69 seconds.
“Our swimmers performed optimally,” West Java contingent head Hadi Prasodjo said. The 2016 PON opening ceremony is set to be held in Bandung, West Java, on Saturday.***
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