Yogyakarta hosts 13th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference

BINTANGNEWS.com – Yogyakarta is hosting the 2016 ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference (AACC), which is attended by the air force chiefs of all 10 ASEAN countries.
“At this year’s meeting, we will talk about the challenges for ASEAN air forces to combat terrorism and discuss disaster preparedness in Southeast Asian countries,” Indonesian Air Force spokesman Air Commodore Jemi Trisonanjaya said on Tuesday at the opening ceremony of the four-day event.
The AACC is an annual meeting that started in 2004. 
Previous conferences had produced many agreements that had become the bases for cooperation among the air forces of ASEAN member countries, Jemi said.
Issues discussed at previous conferences include counterterrorism, maintaining peace and security in the region, and non-traditional security threats.
Air force chiefs of individual ASEAN countries are also expected to use the conference for bilateral talks.***
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