Many believe Jessica is innocent: Lawyer – Attorney Otto Hasibuan is claiming that his client, murder defendant Jessica Kumala Wongso, has recently been receiving growing support from people who believe she is innocent of killing her friend Wayan Mirna Salihin, for which she is standing trial.
While reading the defense statement at the Central Jakarta District Court on Wednesday, Otto expressed his gratitude to those who have supported Jessica. People also came to the court to meet and support Jessica directly, he said, adding that the lack of evidence against Jessica convinced them that she was not guilty.
"We thank the visitors who used to bully us, but have recently turned out to support us," Otto said on Wednesday before the judges, adding that some visitors to the court gave Jessica and her team of lawyers food and gifts.

Otto also claimed that they received hundreds of emails every day from various parts of Indonesia and overseas proclaiming support for Jessica. 
"Although we were bullied in the beginning, now there are a lot of people from the United States, Dumai, Wonogiri and Australia who express support for Jessica," he added.***
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source: Thejakartapost

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