Three students carried away by river in Semarang – Three students from Semarang State University’s Mathematics Adventure Team (The Mate) were carried away by a river near their campus when they were participating in a basic team training session on Sunday. Two of the students were rescued while one, identified as Kurnia Dwi Wahyuni, 18, had not been found as of Monday at noon.
The students were from the university's School of Natural Sciences and were among 11 who were in the Curug River, Banaran in Gunungpati, Semarang municipality. A sudden rush of water carried the three away, but eight of them managed to rush to shore.
The two students who were found alive were Aditya Rafalino and Dian Candra, both 17.
“The search and rescue team (SAR), assisted by volunteers, has deployed 80 to 90 people to look for her [Kurnia]. We are tracking from the estuary and heading upstream. At 11 p.m. Sunday we found Kurnia’s bag in the West Flood Canal,” Agus Haryono said Monday.
The team members also dived at several spots, but the team had to fight heavy currents in the high volume of rising water caused by rain upstream.
“We warn Central Java people to be more careful during the start of the rainy season. Postpone any events involving bodies of water when the weather does not permit them. Even though in the downstream area it is not raining, if it rains upstream, a flash flood is likely,” Agus said.***
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Editing: T. Bintang
source: Thejakartapost

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