Ahok answers police questions calmly: Lawyer

BINTANGNEWS.com – Incumbent Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama was calm while answering questions asked by the police in a blasphemy investigation at the National Police headquarters in South Jakarta on Tuesday, his lawyer has said. 
Ahok's lawyer, Sirra Prayuna, said the questioning ran smoothly and the governor did not appear nervous despite the pressure he was under. 
"Pak Ahok was calm and relaxed. He answered the questions clearly," Sirra said.
The questions asked during Tuesday's session were similar to those the police asked before Ahok was named a suspect on Wednesday, Sirra said.
Ahok, who was accompanied by a number of lawyers, declined to comment before entering the police office at about 9 a.m. 
On Nov. 4, hundreds of thousands of people, led by conservative Muslim groups, staged a rally in front of the palace in Jakarta, demanding the government investigate Ahok for alleged blasphemy.
The rally ended in violence, with several police officers and protesters injured and two police vehicles set on fire.***
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Editing: T. Bintang
Source: Thejakartapost

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