FPI barges into an apartment, forcing police to arrest several men

BINTANGNEWS.com – Dozens of people led by Islam Defenders Front (FPI) members barged into a Kalibata City apartment in South Jakarta on Saturday night, saying they went there to break up a “sex party” following a tip-off about the alleged event.
The Jakarta Post’s source, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, said the mob came at about 11:30 p.m. to one of the towers in the apartment complex. Members of the mob were shouting “Allahu Akbar!”
The source said the police arrived slightly after midnight.
Escorted by the police and apartment security, the mob barged into an apartment unit and found the men inside, who the police took into custody.
FPI’s public relations division said on their Twitter account @HumasFPI Sunday that they along with the police “successfully broke up” the alleged sex party. The tweet said they followed an invitation to the party.
Local newspaper Warta Kota said the police confiscated 17 cell phones, two packs of condoms and antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS.
None of the evidence was outlawed material.
The Post’s source in the police said the men did not violate any laws. In Indonesia, homosexual sodomy is not outlawed except when it is done with an underaged individual.
Pancoran Police refused to comment on the matter.***
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Editing: T. Bintang

Source: Thejakartapost

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