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HMI reports Jakarta Police chief to police’s Internal Affairs Division

Share This – The Islamic Students Association (HMI) reported on Friday Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Mochamad Iriawan to the National Police’s Internal Affairs Division (Propam) for allegedly provoking members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) to catch HMI members during the Nov. 4 large-scale rally.
HMI chairman Mulyadi P. Tamsir referred to a video recording of a statement Iriawan made circulating on the internet.
“We were provoked and pushed into conflict. Therefore, we want justice from the National Police,” said Mulyadi at the National Police headquarters in Jakarta on Friday, as reported by
The Jakarta Police have clarified Iriawan’s statement, saying that it was not intended for public consumption because it was made after a riot broke out on the evening of Nov. 4 while speaking with FPI leaders, who promised to catch any rioters during the large-scale demonstration.
Meanwhile, HMI legal team coordinator Muhammad Syukur Mandar expressed his concern about Iriawan’s statement, saying that while it did not only violate the code of ethics of the police, it may offer grounds for a case.
“The National Police chief and the President should be consistent in enforcing the law. We have the video and photo as our evidence that was uploaded onto YouTube,” said Syukur, adding that he had prepared six witnesses for the case.
Police arrested and named five HMI members suspects for their alleged involvement in the riot on Nov. 4.***
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