Visitor numbers to campaign HQ have increased since Ahok's naming as suspect – The number of Jakartans visiting the campaign office of incumbent gubernatorial candidate Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama on Jl. Taman Lembang, Central Jakarta, has increased since Ahok was named suspect in an alleged blasphemy case, a supporter has said.
“Usually, at most 200 people [a day] visit the office. Now, about 800 residents [daily] visit the office [since Ahok was named a suspect],” Ivan Hoe Semen from the Ahokers volunteer group said in a discussion Saturday as reported by
He added that Jakarta voters were smart and looked at candidates based on their performances, instead of primordial sentiments.
Police named Ahok a suspect in an alleged blasphemy case on Wednesday in relation to remarks he made on a Quranic verse in an event in Thousand Islands regency.
The comments, which were videotaped and uploaded onto YouTube, went viral and sparked outcry among conservative Muslims.
On Nov. 4, hundreds of thousands of people, led by conservative Muslim groups, staged a rally in front of Presidential Palace in Central Jakarta, demanding the government legally process the incumbent Jakarta governor.
Ahok, a Christian of Chinese descent—a double minority in the Muslim-majority country—has repeatedly asked for an apology, saying he never intended to insult Islam and the Quran.
Conservative Muslim groups plan to hold another rally on Dec. 2, now demanding the police detain Ahok for the case.***
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