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EU-Israel tensions to soar under Trump: Commentator

Share This – Senior European officials have expressed doubt over the possibility of holding high-level talks with Israel amid concerns about its expansionist agenda. European diplomats have anonymously talked to media about plans to discuss the adoption of a unanimous stance against Israel’s unlawful settlement constructions in Palestine. They have highlighted the significance of adopting a consistent EU approach toward the issue in the absence of a clear stance from the US administration.
In an interview with Press TV, Paul Larudee, the co-founder of Free Palestine Movement, praised the move by the EU, and predicted that this would be the beginning of new tensions between the European Union and Israel, which has been emboldened by the presidency of Donald Trump in the United States.
“Europeans have been somewhat more reasonable in facing the intransigence of Israel and its attempts to destroy the Palestinians. In many ways, it would be reasonable to say that this is too little too late and a single action of this kind, if it is implemented, would have relatively little effect in the short run. But in the long run, it is the beginning of some added initiative by Europeans to do something about this. It's certainly better than nothing,” the analyst underlined.
Israel has been setting up settlements across the West Bank and East Jerusalem since occupying the Palestinian territories in 1967. The structures have been widely condemned as an insidious push toward facilitating the annexation of the lands.
The EU, like much of the rest of the world, views the Israeli settlements as a violation of international law and an impediment to peace with Palestinians.***
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