Indonesian action film ‘#66’ gets warm welcome in Beijing – Indonesian action film #66 and its director, Asun Mawardi, received recognition during a screening in Beijing on Sunday.
Produced by Creative Motion Pictures, the movie was previously introduced to the International Panorama section at the sixth Beijing International Film Festival in April last year.

Dubbed an "Indonesian version of Jacky Chan" by his fans in China, Asun also stars as the film's main character for the first time.

The 1.5-hour film follows an assassin named 66 who is hired to kill a police informant to protect a criminal organization. He later decides to steal the money and escape from his past, but in the end must fight against the organization to protect his family. In addition to Asun, other actors involved in the movie include Donita, Joshua Pandelaki, Franki Darmawan and Djaitov Tigor.
“I try to meet the action film preferences of the Asian and American markets by [only] slightly including Indonesian culture and tradition,” he told Antara news agency, adding that he doubted the international market would accept the movie if it fully included Indonesian culture.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to China Soegeng Rahardjo expressed his pride at the film’s screening in Beijing, saying that it offered a way to introduce Indonesian culture to the rest of the world.
#66 has been screened across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore since November last year. It has also received recognition from various international film festivals, such as being the only Indonesian feature film to bring home the Platinum Remi Award at the 49th WorldFest-Houston Independent Film Festival 2016 in Texas, United States, and Best Sound Design and Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language Film at the eighth International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2016.
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