US military aircraft waiting for repair team: Commander – The US military aircraft that made an emergency landing at Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport in Aceh, on Friday, is still parked on the airport’s apron as its crew members are waiting for the arrival of a repair team from their country, an official has said.  
Sultan Iskandar Muda Air Force Base commander Col. Suliono said on Saturday that security authorities were still guarding the American plane and so far, no measures had been taken to repair the aircraft’s damaged engine.  
“We are still waiting for the arrival of a recovery team from the US. It is hoped that repair activities can be conducted tomorrow,” he told The Jakarta Post over the phone.
As reported earlier, a Boeing 707 aircraft belonging to the US Air Force was forced to make an emergency landing at Sultan Iskandar Muda Air Force Base, Aceh, at 1:20 p.m. local time on Friday after one of its engines reportedly caught fire.
“[The aircraft’s] engine number four was caught fire and had to be shut down when it was still in the air. The crew members later requested an emergency landing in the airport. It managed to land smoothly,” Suliono said.
The aircraft was on its way from the US military airbase in Diego Garcia in Chagos Islands, the Indian Ocean, to Kadena Air Force Base in Japan.
The aircraft was carrying 20 military personnel. Suliono said all of crew members were allowed to stay in aHOTEL IN  Aceh after authorities coordinated with the US Embassy in Jakarta.***
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