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Seven foreign workers deported from Bali

Share This – The Singaraja Immigration Office in Beleleng, Bali, has deported seven Chinese citizens who failed to show immigration documents.
“We have interrogated eight foreign workers, but only one could show complete documents,” said the head of the Singaraja office, Victor Manurung, said as reported by on Wednesday.
The eight were Guan Guolei, Song Xiansheng, Lyu Jie, Xie Yinlong, Ye Mao, Yang Zumin, Lin Jianli and Pei Yuqiang. They all worked at a coal-fired power plant (PLTU) project in Celukan Bawang on the resort island, but seven of them only had tourist visas.
Victor, whose jurisdiction covers the regencies of Buleleng, Jembrana and Karangasem, said his office would continue monitoring the presence of illegal foreign workers. “We work seriously. We will intensively monitor the areas where foreign workers work illegally,” he added.
Previously, the immigration office had deported two foreign workers, He Xingji and Lin Meihua, who were employed at a shrimp pond in Jembrana.***
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