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Bali holds 39th Bali Kite Festival

Share This – The 39th Bali Kite Festival was held at Padang Galak Beach, Denpasar, July 8-9.
A partnership between the tourism ministry and the Indonesian Kites Association (PELANGI), the festival saw 1,000 kites taking part. The event also attracted 1,000 international tourists and 5,000 local tourists.
Kites being flown were divided into several categories namely youth, adult, Janggan kites, traditional and new creation.
“For the youth category, the wings should be about two to three meters in size. For the adult category, the wings are four to five meters. Those that reach 5.5 meters and beyond are considered in the big-size category, as for the Janggan kites, the ribbon tails can reach up to 150 meters in length,” said tourism ministry’s head of man-made tourism promotion Ni Putu G. Gayatri.***
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