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Indonesia 13th most mentioned on social media: G20 data

Share This – Indonesia was the 13th most mentioned member state of the G20 forum on the first day of the summit in Hamburg, Germany, official data shows.
On social media, Indonesia was mentioned at least 2,095 times on
Friday, just after the United Kingdom and followed by Saudi Arabia and South Korea, according to the data from the G20 Summit.
The result seems to be attributed to President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s extensive talks on counterterrorism on the day and his reaffirmation of Indonesia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.
The G20 Summit describes the basis of the data on each country as “one mention equals every time a leader or a country of the leader is talked about in relation to the G20 summit.”
Furthermore, the same data shows that climate and energy were the most discussed topics pertaining to the summit on the internet with 16,881 mentions, followed closely by international trade and terrorism.***
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