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KPK to name new suspect in e-ID graft soon

Share This – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has wrapped up its case screening on the electronic identity card (e-ID) graft case and expected
to announce new suspect soon.
KPK chairman Agus Rahardjo said that the anti-graft body expected to announce the new suspect later this month.
“We have finished the case expose and the decision has been made. Just wait, it will be later this month,” Agus said Tuesday.
KPK has named four individuals suspects in the bribery case, two senior officials at the Home Ministry Irman and Sugiharto, member of the House of Representatives Miryam S. Haryani and businessman Andi Narogong.
Speculation was rife that the KPK would soon name House Speaker Setya Novanto as suspect in the case.
Setya skipped a questioning session last Friday due to unspecified illness.
A hearing of the trial of Irman and Sugiharto in April revealed that Setya was only willing to help businessman Andi “Narogong” Agustinus secure Rp 5.9 trillion in funding for the project because the senior Golkar politician allegedly had joint-venture companies with Andi.
A KPK prosecutor suggested in the hearing that Setya’s son Reza Herwindo allegedly worked for a company controlled by Andi.***
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