Sabu Raijua regent jailed for graft – The Surabaya Corruption Court in East Java has found Marthen Dira Tome, the regent of Sabu Raijua in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), guilty of corruption surrounding the disbursement of education funds
amounting to Rp 77 billion (US$5.78 million) in 2007, and sentenced him to  three years in prison.
The judges also ordered Marthen to pay Rp 100 million in fines, or face a further three months in jail, and Rp 1.5 billion in restitution to the state.
“If he is unable to pay [the restitution], he will get an additional month in jail and his property will be confiscated to compensate the state for its losses,” Marthen’s lawyer Yohanes Rihi said on Monday.
The sentence was lighter than the 12 years’ imprisonment sought by prosecutors, who also asked the judges to order Marthen to pay Rp 250 million in fines and Rp 3.735 billion in restitution to the state.
The KPK named Marthen a suspect in 2014 for allegedly misusing funds when he was a high-ranking official at the NTT Education and Sports Agency.***

Editing: T.Bintang


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