Golkar’s Nurul has two months to find running mate for Bandung election

BINTANGNEWS.com – The Golkar Party has given politician Nurul Arifin two months to find a running mate with whom to contest in the
upcoming Bandung mayoral election.
The party has endorsed Nurul, a former actress, to run for mayor in next year’s election in the West Java capital.
“I have two months to forge a coalition [with other parties] and to find a running mate,” Nurul said in Jakarta on Tuesday as quoted by kompas.com.
With its six seats in the Bandung Legislative Council (DPRD), Golkar cannot field a candidate without forming a coalition. In Bandung, a candidate must secure support from a party or coalition of parties to have at least a combined 10 legislative seats.
Golkar has been intensifying talks with other parties, particularly the Hanura Party, which also has six seats in the DPRD.
Nurul, however, refused to reveal the name of a potential running mate, saying the person should have the similar values as Golkar.
“This is not a decision of an individual, but a party decision. Some have indicated an intention to team up for the election,” Nurul added.
Nurul, who is a personal assistant to chairman Setya Novanto, served two terms as a lawmaker from 2004 until 2014, representing West Java. She sought reelection in 2014, but lost.*** 
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