Half of Jambi haj pilgrims suffering respiratory infections

BINTANGNEWS.com – The health of more than 200 haj pilgrims from Jambi had reportedly deteriorated in the days leading up to wukuf (the peak of the pilgrimage) at
Arafah field in Mecca, on Aug. 31, according to the Religious Affairs Ministry.

“Fifty percent of 448 haj pilgrims from Jambi suffered from acute respiratory infections. The climate, pollution and the dry air of the desert caused their declining health,” HM Tahir, head of the Religious Affairs Ministry’s Jambi office, said on Thursday.
The pilgrims have received medical treatment from doctors assigned to their respective batches and are allowed to stay in their lodgings in the Masphala and Mashpajin areas. There were no reports of anyone requiring hospitalization.
Following wukuf in Arafah, the pilgrims will still have to carry out other religious services in Mecca, such as Tawaf Al-Ifadah, the final haj ritual.
Healthy pilgrims will be allowed to perform the rite on behalf of their sick 
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Source: Thejakartapoat

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