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Anggun releases new single ‘What We Remember’

Share This –  Indonesia-born singer and songwriter Anggun released a new single “What We Remember” on Oct. 13.
The single is part of her
international album slated for release on Dec. 8.

Written by Anggun and two French producers, Silvio Lisbonne and Guillaume Boscaro, “What We Remember” features a pop-electro track with a touch of acoustic that talks about the reality where people only have one chance to live and a limited time to do it.

Through her song, one of the judges of TV show Asia’s Got Talent encourages her listeners to inspire other people. “That’s why you need to make something useful,” Anggun told

Those who want to listen to the song can visit this special page.
Anggun has also released an official lyric video for “What We Remember” on YouTube.***
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