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Joint Indonesia-Netherlands 'Youth Movement' exhibit open at the Hague

Share This – The National Archives of the Netherlands (NAN) and the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia are currently holding a joint exhibition on "The Birth of Indonesian Youth Movement" to
celebrate the 89th anniversary of the Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), which opened on Oct. 27 at the NAN building in the Hague.

Slated to run until Nov. 4, the exhibition displays a number of historical photographs and documents, starting from the formation of the first nationalist group, Budi Utomo, on May 20, 1908, to the Second Indonesian Youth Congress in then Batavia on Oct. 28, 1928 that resulted in the Youth Pledge.

One of the exhibit's coordinators, Johan van Langen, told Antara that preparing the exhibition took about a year, including discussions with the Indonesian education and culture attache in the Netherlands' capital.

Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja said Sumpah Pemuda was an important milestone in Indonesian history, especially for youth movements across the archipelago. The Youth Pledge called for the commitment of Indonesian youths that boosted the unity of Indonesians, which in turn culminated in the country's independence, Wesaka Puja said.

The exhibition's collections will also be displayed at Erasmus Huis in South Jakarta.***
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