KPK can name Setya suspect again, confirms Supreme Court – The Supreme Court has confirmed that the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has the authority to name House of Representatives Speaker and Golkar
Party chairman Setya Novanto as a suspect in the high-profile e-ID card graft case, again.

Last Friday, the South Jakarta District Court ruled in favor of Setya's pretrial motion and declared the KPK's decision to name him suspect invalid.

Supreme Court spokesperson Abdullah said the authority was regulated under Article 2 paragraph 3 of Supreme Court Regulation No. 4/2016.

“That pretrial ruling, which approved the plaintiff's motion, does not necessarily overrule the authority of investigators to name the plaintiff a suspect again,” Abdullah said as quoted by on Tuesday.

However, Abdullah said, investigators should use at least two new pieces of evidence other than those already used when Setya was first named a suspect.

He added that a pretrial only takes into account the formality of a case and does not make a judgement on the crime per se.

 Regarding the controversies surrounding Setya's victory, Abdullah said that the Supreme Court could not intervene into a judge's verdict.

“The Supreme Court respects the verdict on Setya’s pretrial,” he said.

The KPK has asserted it has been considering naming Setya a suspect again. The plan has been strongly opposed by Setya's supporters.***

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