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Jokowi’s daughter’s wedding procession starts Monday

Share This – The wedding procession of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s daughter Kahiyang Ayu and her fiancé, Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution,
began on Monday afternoon.

The procession, which was done in the Javanese tradition, started with a thanksgiving feast called Wilujengan Kenduri, held at Jokowi’s private house on Jl. Kutai Utara, Sumber, Surakarta, at 4 p.m. local time. The President’s family members and relatives conducted a Quran recitation.

“The prayer is held to ask for God’s blessing for a safe and successful implementation of the wedding procession,” said Quirinto Endy, the coordinator of journalists covering the Kahiyang-Bobby wedding procession, on Monday.

On Tuesday, Jokowi, as the father of Kahiyang, will carry out a procession called the installment of bleketepe (a plait made from coconut leaves) in front of his house.

“No one else can represent this. The President himself must do it as the father of the bride. Bleketepe is to symbolize the function of parents who always protect their children,” said Surakarta historian Heri Priyatmoko.

Siraman, or bathing the bride, will be the next part of the procession, to be conducted on Tuesday. In the procession, Kahiyang will ask for her parents' blessing. The bride’s parents -- Jokowi and First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo -- and other relatives will shower her with flower-infused water. The water itself is taken from seven water springs.

During the Midodareni (eve of the ceremony) on Tuesday evening, Bobby’s family will deliver peningset, or wedding gifts, to the bride as a symbol of a man’s capability to fulfill his wife’s needs.***
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