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Kahiyang to be granted 'Siregar' marga in Medan

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BINTANGNEWS.com – Following the end of her wedding ceremony with Bobby Afif Nasution, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s daughter Kahiyang Ayu is set to undergo a string of Mandailing traditional
ceremonies, during which she will receive the “Siregar” marga (Batak tribe name).

The traditional ceremony is scheduled to be held in Medan, North Sumatra, from Nov. 21 to Nov. 26.

“The Nasution family will ask Bobby’s uncle, Doddy Siregar, to give the "Siregar" marga to Kahiyang. After that, there will be a string of traditional ceremonies for the bride and groom,” said Erwan Nasution, also Bobby’s uncle, on Thursday.

He said the marga for Kahiyang belonged to Bobby’s mother, Ade Hanifah Siregar. Among traditional ceremonies to be held include a buffalo slaughtering ceremony; mangalo alo (a procession to welcome the arrival of a daughter-in-law and her family); mangulosi (the extending of ulos [Batak traditional fabrics]); and the reception, he added.

Mangulosi is a symbolic ceremony to mark the granting of titles to the bridal couple as Bobby belongs to the South Tapanuli royal family.

“During the reception, all South Tapanuli kings will be invited. Like in Surakarta, the reception in Medan will be rich with traditional ceremonies,” said Erwan.

Via Erwan, Bobby’s family said goodbye and expressed their gratitude to Surakarta residents.

“We, on behalf of late Erwin Nasution’s [Bobby’s father] big family would like to express our sincere thanks to all Surakarta residents, including the mass media, Pak Rudy [Surakarta mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo] and Indonesian Military and National Police personnel, who have given their extraordinary support to us,” said Erwan.***

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Source: Thejakartapost.com

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