VIDEO: Zimbabwe: 230 parliament members vote to impeach Mugabe –  Impeachment proceedings against Robert Mugabe will start on Tuesday after 230 members of the
ruling Zanu-PF party voted in favor of the motion in Harere on Monday.

Simon Khaya Moyo, Minister of Information and Media said: "They just concluded that was attended by 230 Zanu-PF members of parliament out of 260 members has endorsed the impeachment."

Mugabe was initially expected to resign on Sunday after the Zanu-PF central committee voted to sack and replace him with his former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, Mugabe refused calls to step down and vowed to stay on as president in a defiant TV address to the people of Zimbabwe on Sunday.

Mugabe's sacking comes after the army seized the state broadcaster on November 15 and placed him under house arrest.***

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