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Anggun, a Muslim, has serenaded 3 Popes

Share This – Although she is from a Muslim family, Indonesian pop star Anggun was sent by her father to a Catholic school in elementary, and would go on later in life to
perform several times in the Vatican’s annual “Concerto di Natale,” or Christmas concert—her latest appearance being in 2016.

“I have sung for three different Popes (John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Francis), so those moments were memorable for me,” the “Snow on the Sahara” singer told the Inquirer in a recent interview during her mall tour to promote her new album, “8.” “I was able to shake Pope John Paul II’s hand. I also met Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis, however, I have yet to meet.”

She added: “My father thinks that religion and belief are important. But, you don’t always have to believe in one thing, right? If you want to choose one, good for you; if not, that’s fine, as well. Your belief doesn’t determine whether you’re a good person or not—your behavior does.”***

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