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KPK to hand over Setya’s case to court soon

Share This – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has sped up its investigation into graft suspect Setya Novanto in the e-ID graft
case, with dossiers expected to be completed soon and handed over to the Jakarta Corruption Court.

KPK investigators are working to build a strong case to present to the corruption court as it has accused Setya of taking part in the graft scheme, the agency’s chairman Agus Rahardjo, said.

Despite several witness yet to be questioned, Agus was optimistic that his side would complete the dossiers before  the South Jakarta District Court issued a ruling in a pretrial motion filed by the embattled House of Representatives speaker and Golkar party chairman.

When asked whether the antigraft body would complete the dossiers before the sole judge presiding over Setya’s pretrial hearing reached a decision, Agus answered, “Insya Allah [God willing].”

The sole judge at the South Jakarta District Court adjourned on Thursday the first hearing for the pretrial motion until Dec.7.  The KPK had also filed a request for the judge to postpone the hearing for three weeks.

Pressure has been mounting for the antigraft body to hand over the case against Setya to the corruption court – a move that would void Setya’s pretrial motion to challenge the KPK’s decision to rename him a suspect in the case.***

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