UN says Saudi 'absurd, futile' war in Yemen killed 109 civilians in past 10 days - Sumber Informasi Dunia

UN says Saudi 'absurd, futile' war in Yemen killed 109 civilians in past 10 days

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BINTANGNEWS.com – A high-ranking United Nations official says more than a hundred civilians, including 54 at a crowded market and 14
members of one family in a farm, have lost their lives in Saudi airstrikes against residential areas across Yemen in the past 10 days, describing the military aggression as “absurd and futile.”

“These incidents prove the complete disregard for human life that all parties, including the Saudi-led coalition, continue to show in this absurd war …,” Jamie McGoldrick, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said on Thursday.

He added, “This absurd war ... has only resulted in the destruction of the country and the incommensurate suffering of its people, who are being punished as part of a futile military campaign.”

The remarks came on the same day that two civilians were killed as Saudi military aircraft carried out a string of airstrikes on Yemen’s northern province of al-Jawf.

A local source, requesting anonymity, told Arabic-language al-Masirah television network that Saudi fighter jets mounted five aerial assaults against al-Matammah district on Thursday morning, and five others against Khabb and Sha'af plus al-Zahir districts.***
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