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US, Israel too weak to wage new wars: Nasrallah – In March, Israel's Major General Yaakov Barak said killing Nasrallah would be a “decisive victory” in the regime’s future war against the Arab country.
Nasrallah went on to slam Washington's so-called deal of the century for Israel and the Palestinians, stressing that there is single Palestinian faction supports it.

The so-called deal, a backchannel plan to allegedly reach a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, was proposed by the US administration late last year. Although the plan has not been released, leaks signal it will consist of the same tried and failed ideas.

Palestinians believe that the deal suggests building their own Jerusalem al-Quds from areas surrounding the existing city and forget about the historic place. They also believe that the US-drafted plan calls for keeping borders and security under Israeli control, while it keeps Israeli settlements’ final borders to be discussed in later negotiations.

Nasrallah also denounced the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel's attempts to topple the Syrian government.***

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